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9 Tips For Checking Second-Hand Xiaomi Phones To Get a Good One

Tips For Checking Second-Hand Xiaomi Phones

Tips For Checking Second-Hand Xiaomi Phones
Tips For Checking Second-Hand Xiaomi Phones

Buying a second-hand Xiaomi phone can be an economical and practical choice, especially for those with limited budgets. However, choosing a second-hand Xiaomi phone should not be taken lightly. There are several important factors to consider to ensure that you get a good and high-quality phone.

Here are 9 tips on some crucial points to pay attention to when inspecting a second-hand Xiaomi phone you intend to purchase.

1. Check the Physical Condition of the Phone

The first step is to inspect the physical condition of the second-hand Xiaomi phone you want to buy. Check for scratches or damages on the screen, body, or other parts of the phone. Pay attention to physical buttons, fingerprint sensors, other sensors, and the USB port as well.

You can also use secret codes to check the hardware condition of Xiaomi phones. The code is *#*#64663#*#*.

By entering the code *#*#64663#*#*, you can access the hardware testing menu, including sensor tests, sound tests, vibration tests, screen functionality, and other hardware tests. Make sure everything functions properly and there are no significant damages.

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2. Check the IMEI and Box

IMEI is a unique identification number found on every smartphone. Make sure to check the IMEI of the second-hand Xiaomi phone you want to buy. To check the IMEI on a Xiaomi phone, type *#06# on the dialer.

Additionally, check the authenticity of the box or packaging included with the phone. Ensure that the IMEI number on the box matches the one on the second-hand Xiaomi phone.

3. Check for Warranty

Check if the second-hand Xiaomi phone is still under warranty. Warranty coverage can provide additional protection in case of any issues with the phone after your purchase.

Carefully examine the warranty card or warranty information provided in the packaging.

The availability of warranty can often affect the price of second-hand Xiaomi phones, so check it thoroughly before buying.

4. Check the MIUI ROM

MIUI is the user interface used by Xiaomi devices, whether it’s a phone or a tablet.

Check the installed version of the MIUI ROM on the second-hand Xiaomi phone you intend to buy. You can do this by going to Settings > About Phone.

Ensure that the installed MIUI ROM is an official version from Xiaomi and not a modified version.

5. Check If It’s Purchased in Credit

If you plan to buy a second-hand Xiaomi phone directly from someone, it’s important to ensure that the phone is not a result of an ongoing credit transaction.

Make sure to ask for purchase evidence, such as receipts or credit payment proof if needed.

This will prevent you from potential legal issues and dramas in the future related to phone ownership.

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6. Check Mi Cloud and Google Account

Make sure that the Mi Cloud and Google accounts linked to the second-hand Xiaomi phone have been removed by the previous owner.

You can check this by going to Settings > Accounts to see which accounts are linked.

This is crucial to avoid access-related issues with accounts still linked to the device.

7. Check the Battery Condition

The battery is an essential component that must be checked when buying a second-hand Xiaomi phone.

Examine the battery condition by running applications or playing games that require significant power usage. Observe if the battery operates properly or depletes quickly.

Also, pay attention to the battery’s condition while charging. Ensure that there are no issues such as excessive heating or slow charging.

8. Check Rooting & UBL Status

Rooting is the process of gaining full access and control over an Android device. Check if the second-hand Xiaomi phone has been rooted or if the bootloader (UBL) has been unlocked.

Generally, buying a second-hand phone that has been rooted or has an unlocked bootloader can potentially cause security and device continuity issues, such as voiding warranties.

Make sure the Xiaomi phone you’re looking for is not in this condition, unless you intentionally seek a rooted or UBL-unlocked Xiaomi phone.

9. Inquire About Usage History

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask about the usage history of the second-hand Xiaomi phone.

Ask the seller about how often the phone was used, what games or apps were installed, whether it has experienced any damage or repairs, and the reason for selling.

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This information can help you make a more informed decision before purchasing the second-hand Xiaomi phone.

Buying a second-hand Xiaomi phone can be a good alternative to get a smartphone at a more affordable price.

But you need to conduct a careful inspection to ensure that you get a high-quality second-hand phone that suits your needs.

So, these are the 9 tips for checking second-hand Xiaomi phones. Hopefully, by following the above tips, you can minimize the risk of buying a problematic second-hand Xiaomi phone.

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